I Carried A Watermelon

Granfather Golf and Country Club

Have you ever been to the mountains in the summer?  To say that it’s beautiful, delightful, breathtaking…all understatements.  And of course my photos don’t do it much justice, on top of that whenever I’m posting photos here they get all grainy which annoys me to no end.  I’ll have to dig into that asap.  But back to the point.

The mountains were typically not my thing, unless I could be flown there by helicopter as to avoid all the stressful driving-on-snow-and-ice nonsense, then could find myself alternating time between a hot toddy by a fire and enjoying flawless runs down a nice, safe, intermediate slope.  But all of that was because I had never been to the mountains at the end of May.

I was invited to celebrate my friend Tanner with her sisters and girlfriends on a whirlwind bachelorette weekend in Grandfather Mountain.  The air was cool in the morning and just warm enough in the afternoon to enjoy the outdoors without breaking a sweat, and the best part….not even a hint of humidity.  I had no idea my hair could be frizz free past the month of April.

We were hosted by the bride’s sister, Spencer, and stayed in a vacation home of their family’s.  It was perfect….we spent so much time together, versus in separate hotel rooms or in loud crowded bars.  (Yes, we were in loud crowded bars at one point but that isn’t part of this story.) There really is something about vacationing in a HOME that adds so much to the experience.  We slept with our windows open, and all the tree coverage allowed dark rooms and late sleeping.  I woke up to a babbling brook and birds chirping.  Very Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Grandfather Mountain Family Home

We spent lots of time celebrating in.  There were plenty of cocktails, some ridiculously good lasagna, bright lipstick (think Magda from Something About Mary), and a dance line through the kitchen.


We sat in the sun with a cooler on the lake’s beachfront.  The mountains were stunning, the lake was peaceful, and the company was fun and easy.  A few Dirty Dancing/Kellermans/I carried a watermelon references, tales of wedding planning, lots of “remember that time”, and sweet stories of Tanner and Quiddy.

Grandfather Golf and Country Club

We ended the weekend with an absolutely amazing dinner at Artisinal.  We made quite the impression.  Pretty sure half the patrons loved us.  The other half, not so much.


Tanner and Chris will be married this evening, and we could not be more excited.  Tanner is an absolute beauty, a girl’s girl, super loyal, and absolutely independent.  She’s the girl who offered to dress up like Cinderella for R’s princess birthday, the girl that will answer the phone no matter what time you call her.  She’s found her best friend and partner in Christopher.  He’s kind, welcoming, genuine, and easy.  We liked him from the moment we met him, and we love him for how he loves her.  So cheers you two, and thank you so much for sharing these moments with us!

Last Pack