A Little West Coast Inspiration

Mermaid Inspired Nursery
1.  Nursery Works Pebble Sleepytime Rocker
2.  Neon Dash Blanket
3. I Must Be A Mermaid Wall Art
4. Sunny the Mermaid Print
5.  Dahlia Chandelier
6. Liberty Crib
7.  Poodle Party Crib Skirt
8. Mermaid Infant Gown
9. IKEA Hemnes Dresser
10. Half Shell Rug

Our sweet cousins Dana, Jay, and their two year old son Reef, just welcomed the sweetest little girl into the family two weeks ago.  Her name: Marley Madison.  Her parents have lovingly dubbed her Gnarly Marley.  Which is entirely fitting…they are a surf loving, beach combing, San Diego living, tiny adventure having family. (Also fitting because Dana went into labor while they were on the beach, and they were all back in the sand with baby in tow just four days later.)
So in celebration of our little Gnarley Marley, here’s a nursery board inspired by the creature every little girl who grows up in the sand loves the very most, mermaids.

I’m freaking out about the Dahlia Chandelier.  And the mermaid gown…the little tail….swoon.

Wishing our West Coast family much love as they make new moments together as a family of four.  Big hugs!