Fourth of July Weekend

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, and I start prepping early with little projects to help welcome Jeff’s family.  This holiday weekend is traditionally spent with them here at the beach.  There’s always golf for the guys, wine for the girls, and our newest tradition of Cards Against Humanity for all once the kiddos are in bed.  Our little people are the best of friends, and as they get older, from the moment they arrive we generally don’t see any of them until they get hungry or unless someone is bleeding.  Which is charming, until someone is actually bleeding.

CousinsThis year we started the festivities with a Pelicans baseball game.

Myrtle Beach Pelicans

   We had a wonderful day on the beach on the Fourth of July.  But you won’t be seeing any of that.  My awesome in-laws let Jeff and I sleep in that morning, and then Jeff packed all the beach stuff.  But my camera (and snacks for our kids) did not make it into the bag.  Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa??  But I got over it.  And honestly, it was pretty nice to enjoy the day without the filter of my camera lens.  But to just recap the first part of the day:  There were cute red, white, and blue swimsuits, and there were tons of adorable sandy and sunshine filled moments.  There was an incredible Salute from the Shore with vintage WWII planes and F-16’s from Shaw Air Force Base flying over the coastline, and tons of little kids waving American flags….it was such a cool thing to see.  I borrowed this photo from my friend Kristie Buxton.
Thanks Kristie!
flyover kidsThat evening we attended the Fourth of July celebration at our beach club, which is always a good time.  Tons of people, games and bouncies for the kids, great food and libations for the grown ups.
Once the sun goes down the best fireworks show begins.  This year we were front row.  One of these years I will figure out how to take photographs in the dark….
The last day of our weekend is traditionally spent together at Jeff’s parent’s home in Loris.  Bumpa’s house is set up like a country playground.  Fishing, remote control trucks, a little driving range, tractor rides, hammock swings, and wide open spaces….
We are so grateful to have this time to spend together each year.
Another fun family Fourth of July.  Another summer moment collected.
And many more to come.  Cheers!