Blogging is fun, and serves as a wonderful time capsule for our family…..but to keep it real….it is also a pretty time consuming little hobby and it has slipped down the list of priorities on my to-do list. It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, and there are a million reasons why, and I could get into them all but I’ll try to summarize the major reasons quickly.

1. We put our house on the market!
2. We sold our house!
3. We bought a new (old) house!
4. We are renovating the new house!

There’s a whole lot of other stuff, and I could clammer on about each one. But I am posting today because I really want to document THIS. For the last few months, the two little gremlins are wild. I mean, as for every parent, they are always a bit wild…but right now, for lack of a better description, they are WINNING. Their wild and crazy ways are beating me more days than not. They are nutballs. Talking back, questioning seemingly every statement we make. Lots of pushing back from her, lots of whining and dramatic tears from him. Not listening when we address them. Unaware (or simply not being concerned with) the feelings of those around them. And being so very, very loud. (Jeff and I have absolutely no idea where that last part came from….just saying.)

And to be fair, we’ve been a little distracted.  (Refer to my list above.)  I’ve never lived in a house we were trying to sell before, we’ve never moved with children, and we’ve never done any kind of renovations before.  I’ll get into more of that later, but just so you know, finding matte black fixtures on a budget is…..challenging.  But I digress. 

The point is, I am certain that our kids are just bouncing off the walls so that they can feel out their boundaries again since everything they’ve known has changed and our new home still isn’t settled quite yet.  However, as a “be-all-end-all-reign-supreme-decision-maker-my-word-is-final” kind of mama….it’s been brutal. I have been exhausted by repeating myself, feeling as though the majority of my communication with them is to tell them to “wait just a second” or “stop” or “no” or “don’t go in there” or “wait that will cut your hand off!”

I’ve been frustrated, they’ve been frustrated, and between this and the stress we all feel from being so out of sorts for close to six months, it’s felt like a bit of a roller coaster in our house. So fittingly, after a fairly intense week for all of us, we went to the fair.

Fair 2

Not surprisingly, they did not follow directions, sobbed over lost races, whined, and demanded stuffed animals, all while Jeff and I cringed at their touching EVERY surface and then realizing the hand sani was in the car. So gross. But in between all of that they grinned and laughed and carried on with each other. And they were wild.
Fair 3

Following a ton of turns on the mini-coaster, bumper cars, and down the big slide, there was a melt down involving a candy apple, and we left the fair. We went down to the beach for the remainder of the day, and they ran and explored and screamed and chased birds and poked dead jelly fish. They hollered and shreaked and laughed. And they were WILD.
And here’s the thing. They are wild…they are free little spirits.

I watch that light and excitement in her eyes as she picks the very front cart on the roller coaster, and throws her hands immediately in the air like the total thrill seeker she is. I watch her run tirelessly down the beach, as the idea of sitting still in the sand has never even occurred to her. She has this guttural scream she unleashes and she tears after a flock of birds just so she can watch as they dramatically fly away. She gracefully leaps and twirls one moment and in the next she’s waist deep in a hole she dug for herself. She refuses to let me tie her hair back, preferring it wild and wavy and crazy in the wind.

Beach Bean

I watch his mischievous little smirk take over his face as he buries Jeff’s feet. I watch his eyes smash up into crescent moons when he grins as he hopes that the cute-factor will save him from whatever trouble he has just gotten himself into. When he sees a dog or animal anywhere, he is compelled to talk to it, wrestle with it, and become it’s friend. I watch his awkward little shimmy as he tucks his elbows into chicken wings and wiggles his hips…just because running normally is too boring for him. I listen as he follows his sister wherever she goes, seeking her approval ending every statement he makes with “right, R****?”
Beach Boy

And when I’m not in the thick of it…when I’m not at my wits end due to their naughtiness, I remember…life is about balance right?

I remember I am not here to tame her. {But let’s not behave like a zoo animal at the dinner table.}  I am not here to bottle her up and demand that she be quieter. {But let’s use our inside voice when we’re inside.} I want her to remain confident, self-assured, and un-apologetically able to use her voice. {But be respectful and not talk back.}

I want her to be herself, comfortable in her own skin, to be wild.

I remember I am not here to stifle his feelings. {But please stop whining over EVERYYYYYTHING.} I am not here to keep his questions to a minimum. {But can we listen for an answer before asking the same question again?} I want him to explore and experience new things fully without being rushed. {But for the love of all things holy, WE’RE LATE!}

I want him to remain curious, full of himself, and to be wild.

So I wanted to document that reminder to myself. I want to be present, to empower them to be themselves, to allow them room to express their own wild and free little minds, yet still provide boundaries to guide and shape them, creating borders to respect others and themselves in the mean time.


I wanted to remember the crazy six months that has created so many unscheduled, uncontrolled, and unpredictable moments. We have been out of whack, out of our comfort zones, (and out of a master bathroom and closet), just flying by the seat of our pants. And guess what. We’re still here. Still imperfect. Still us. So here’s to sharing closets and bathrooms with four and six year olds, and cheers to the wild, to the crazy, and the loud. #YOLO, right?


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