Spa Themed Birthday Party

I’ve never had a birthday party….and I don’t say that in a sad, woe is me kind of way.  I say it so you could understand why having a special birthday moment for the people I love most is so important to me.  I want them to feel so so special, and to feel how important they are to me.  So in my first years of motherhood, I planned the little people’s birthday parties for weeks and sometimes months in advance.  Laboring over each of the smallest details.   I took so much time and care and pride in each of their special days, and I loved the final results, and the look on their faces….but I would be busy and sidelined with the production of it all, and I placed a lot of pressure on myself to do it ALL myself…as though the actual labor was the love.  The reality is that the details of the party truly don’t matter to either of them….and I started abandoning the BIG party last year by seriously shrinking both of their guest lists for her Tea Party Birthday and also by hosting his Lightning McQueen Birthday at an outside venue.  And I gotta tell ya, scaling back was….delightful.

This year, our little lady requested a spa themed birthday party…and I thought about putting it on at home…and then I pictured six little girls running around my house with wet nail polish and sparkly makeup all over the…..NO.  About that time, Whimsy and Wonder popped up in my Facebook feed.  I took R with me to check it out, and as she twirled and whirled around the absolutely precious space, I met with Kelly Catron, the owner of this venue as well as Gigi Noelle Events.  Within twenty minutes the entire party was planned.  BOOM.

Spa Birthday Party Decorations

All of that goodness right there…I took care of a small detail or two, a cake, and some snacks for our girl and her sweet friends….but the rest was all put together and provided by the Whimsy and Wonder staff.  In addition to the space, the beautiful decorations, favors, activities, and set up, the package included two party hosts to guide and entertain the girls, all while I roamed and snapped photos and Daddy watched the chaos in comfort.  They got mani’s and pedi’s and made their own chapstick…

Spa Party Manicures
They took their time getting their hair done, sparkly make up, and chocolate facials.

Spa Theme Birthday Party
And that’s when the sweetest part of the whole day happened.  These two have a bond like only a girl and her father can have, and when she declined the chocolate facial for herself, he offered to do it in her place if she was the one to apply it.  She was THRILLED.

Spa Birthday Party
After the girls were pampered, they sat together at the table giggling and laughing and blowing their noise makers.  A lot.

Spa Birthday Cake Time
It was the loudest “spa” I have ever been to.  And then it somehow became a dance/karaoke party.  These girls were “Let It Go”ing and “Whip and Nae Nae”ing all over that stage.

Spa Birthday Party
I am so tickled to have found Whimsy and Wonder, and had such an amazing experience.  A huge thank you to those lovely ladies!  Like their Facebook page, they have tons of events like Parents Night Out, Daddy Daughter Date Night, and Mommy and Me activities, as well as hosting several packaged parties.  The birthday girl and her girlfriends had an amazing afternoon.  The expense was comparable to what I spend on their celebrations when I have my hands on every detail, and I could not have been less stressed.  Which is actually getting MORE than I’m paying for….

It’s definitely our busiest time of the year now, and we’re adding lots of projects and excitement to an already crazy time.  I am hopeful to get some posts finalized for publishing, including a summer trip to New York City, the kids first football tail gate, Halloween, and a certain little boy’s fourth birthday party.  All while we prep for Thanksgiving travel and the Christmas season.  So until the next post….cheers!


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