Back To School!

This was the first year since they started preschool that come mid-July I wasn’t counting the days until school started…ready for the two hour respite and the structure that comes from having a routine.  Not this year.  While I was excited for them to go to school, I enjoyed so very much this summer of leisure.  They are in this incredible sweet spot that I’m certain will end soon.  They are still young enough that they are still our little ones, they still love to snug, they still want to play with Jeff and I, they don’t shy away from holding my hand, but they are growing and developing more as individuals each day.

It is a big year for our girl, kindergarten!  There were no tears, no fear, no real trepidation for any of us.  We all knew since the end of last year that she was absolutely ready.  The only anxiousness came from the excitement and curiosity we felt when she was gone for seven hours, wondering….what is she doing???  We were all so excited to see her face, to hear all about her day, and to be reunited again that we all piled in the car to pick her up as a family!

Back To School
The boy didn’t start back to preschool until almost three weeks later.  Starting with our very first day at home “alone” together, two things happened.  We had about 75% less tantrums, and about 100% more talking.  Clearly without my attention divided in half, he calmed down enough to start communicating without losing his mind.  To the tune of about 7,000 words a minute.  The kid tells me EVERYTHING.  And I love to hear him chatter on.  Heaven help me though if he thinks I’m not listening, or if I try to finish a sentence for him (for the sake of time)…if I do I’m certain to get a big ‘ole “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh mommy I was TALK.ING.” (Pictured below on the right.) While we loved all the one on one time, he was thrilled to get back to school, to see the teachers and the buddies he loves, and to have a break from the hovering mother who won’t let him jump off of allllll high things.

Back to School 2
It was a fantastic start back to the school year. Even in the weeks and days that they have been back, we are all gaining a little more independence. They are becoming such confident children, more assertive, more responsible, and they are constantly surprising us with the funny things they have to say. I’m learning that they don’t need me to put their shoes and socks on for them, even if it takes so long for them to do it that I know we are going to be late if I don’t help….I’m learning. They are taking their school days in with excitement and confidence, crushing their first days back.

Back to School 3
We are tickled with both of their schools, and we know they are loved by their teachers. We are super lucky. If you’re local to the Myrtle Beach area and you are looking for information on where they go, please let me know! I’m happy to share our experiences in their preschool and elementary school selections privately. Here’s some more first day photos.

Back to School 4
My kids have lots of big plans for dance parties, some beach time, and showing property with Daddy this weekend. I have a suspicion that some college football will be sprinkled in there somewhere too. I’m off to Charlotte to see my dearest and her family, meeting her newest addition. I just received a text that there is to be mimosas, bloody mary’s, a toddler, and a baby by the pool tomorrow. Baaahaaaaa….don’t you love the second kid?? Cheers to the weekend yall!

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