Boys of Summer

Boogie Boarding
The men in my life rarely sit and relax on the sand.  Which is fine by me because they’re fun to watch and easy on the eyes. 😉  Plus, we all know this little sponger is gonna want to ride his boogie board into the sand a thousand times and someone has to take him.  {Not it.}

As most boys of summer H’s age, he doesn’t require much to entertain him.  He’s fine just running, wide open.  Or when discovering the biggest hermit crab on the planet.

Boys of Summer
It seems however, that the older a boy of summer gets, there must be some kind of game or competition.  I’ll take the high road here and avoid the obvious ball reference.  Oh….woops.  What….it was low hanging fruit.  Bahaaaa.  Oh I just can’t help myself.

Boche Ball
I can’t leave my sweet girl out, this is what happens when there’s too much boy time.

Too Much Boy Time
She and I are looking forward to a relaxing holiday weekend with our boys.  She’s been getting used to her long days, and we are excited to have some extra time to spend together with school out on Monday.  Wishing everyone a fantastic Labor Day!  Cheers!

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