A Fresh Take With FreshMom

We all have our favorite blogs, the ones we connect to and return to, and look forward to each post.  My go-to’s are all very different, but have several things in common.  They feel as though I’m stepping into a conversation with a friend and they make me laugh.  I lean towards the blogs that are image heavy, and those that I can learn or gain information from, and even gain inspiration.  FreshMom checks all the boxes.  Baby and kid product reviews, photography tips and tutorials, and yall, she pairs wine with not only food, but events and outfits…talk about a fresh take…

I mean, FreshMom had me at hello, but there’s more.  Good humor?  She’s got it.  Good taste?  She’s got that too.  Travel, decorating, entertaining? She dabbles in them all.  She’ll even throw a little Emily Post-esque etiquette and good manners your way every so often.  And she’s absolutely crushing preppy style for kids, moms, and home.   Meet Hatton.

Hatton is, among many other things, the girl behind FreshMom. She covers all the stuff that helps me improve my momtographer game, and gives me fresh information on topics that I didn’t even know I wanted to know. She tells me that her content is “all over the place”, and I say AWESOME, because so is my brain. Hatton is funny, knowledgeable about SO MUCH STUFF, has an ease about her writing, and this effortlessly cool mash up of Mad Men/Preppy style. She’s got a lot on her plate, and keeps it simple. She gets to the point, surprises me with her subject matter, and still makes me laugh with each post. Which is so appreciated in my life, and my inbox.  Go check her out, and get her good taste guide full of all things fresh delivered straight to your email every time she posts. You’ll be so glad that you did.  Cheers!


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