Write It Down.

There was a massive thunderstorm here last night.  The kind with crazy crashing thunder booming and the brightest flashes of lightning.  Jeff was up and down trying to calm down our dog, and I was focusing my ears through the booms, just certain that at any moment one or both of the kids would wake up terrified and screaming for us (which never happened), so for a period of about 4 hours I never truly slept. And this isn’t a one time thing.  I tend to have a really hard time shutting down my brain when I’m anxious about anything.   I mean, I don’t lay there dwelling on one thing, I just lay with my brain ON.  It’s nights like these that I would benefit from a very over-poured glass of red wine to calm my very over-active imagination.

And it’s nights like these that I write the BEST blog posts.  I’m witty, and I’m funny, and I have so many clear points to make.  I’m so full of tips and tricks and resources to share that I have what typically takes a week of kid-interrupted day time work all wrapped up in a bow….in my head.  The feeling of completing a task relaxes me and I then fall asleep super excited to put it all on the blog the next day.  But when I wake up…..crickets.  I cannot remember what.in.the.hell was so funny at 3am.  Literally not one sliver of my writing GENIUS remains in the morning.  It’s just like that episode of Seinfeld….

Just like Jerry, I’ve decided I need to just scribble my ideas down right when I have them.   I need a journal or a pad that I can quickly jot on in the darkness, but that is more attractive on my nightstand than scraps of paper.  In addition to middle of the night random thoughts, the list maker in me is pretty excited about these gems too….

Acrylic Notepad Tray with Blue Agate, One Kings Lane
7″ Acrylic Notepad Tray w/ Blue Agate, One Kings Lane
Tipsy Writer Pen Holder, Uncommon Goods
Tipsy Writer Pen Holder,  Uncommon Goods
Kate Spade New York It's Written in the Stars" Mini Notebook
Kate Spade New York “It’s Written in the Stars” Mini Notebook
Fringe Brilliant Ideas Water Study Journal
Fringe Brilliant Ideas Water Study Journal
Cross Your T's Stylus & Pen, Henri Bendel
Cross Your T’s Stylus & Pen, Henri Bendel
kate spade new york Gold Dots Notepad
Kate Spade New York Gold Dots Notepad

Here’s to hoping I can retain more of my insomnia induced brilliance in the future.
J’adore the agate and acrylic tray…

  • Hatton says:

    Tipsy writer- ha! I want one just for the name!! Please post your scribbles along with your brilliant blog posts when you do the nighttime writing!

  • Caryn says:

    I know I loved that name! I’m interested to see if my notes are legible…and if they’re any good in the light of day! 😉

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