Tea Party Birthday: {Re}Collected Moments Series

We do most of the prep and planning for the little people’s birthday parties in the summer because they are three weeks apart…in the fall….when there are about a gajillion other things we have going on.  Although neither kid has settled on a firm idea for this year, it’s definitely on the brain.  So it’s the perfect time to {re}collect a past party moment for this series!

Tea Party Birthday
R wanted to celebrate her fifth birthday with “just girls” and asked for a Tea Party at home.  I pitched her the idea of sitting together with five of her friends in little white gloves, dripping with pearls and wearing their favorite dresses, sipping on “tea” from delicate tea cups and eating little tea sandwiches with their pinkies in the air.  She approved of my proposal and promptly set me about making it happen.

The party decorations were simple, I found the perfect little tea party printables from Designed by Maria on Etsy.  Maria was amazing to work with and customized R’s banner for me, as well as made minor tweaks to color and font.  I made tissue paper garland, used lace for the sweet pennant flags, and of lots of roses of course!  (If you missed it, here are my tips for flowers.)

Tea Party Birthday Decor
As her guests arrived, they decorated porcelain tea cups and saucers with markers.  I baked them in the oven at 350 degrees for thirty minutes for the color to set, and had them cool during the party so they were ready to take home with each guest.

Tea Party Birthday, Tea Cup Decorating
They made jewelry and decorated little hand bag totes.  I found all the supplies at Michaels and AC Moore.

Tea Party Birthday Activity
I made each girl a little feather and flower hair piece, then gathered hand fans, rings, necklaces, bracelets and gloves for each little lady.

Tea Party Birthday Dress Up
Once they were all dressed and ready for tea time, they sat like big girls drinking “tea” (strawberry or chocolate milk) from mismatched teacups and saucers I found for a steal on Ebay.  They jabbered on while nibbling sugar laden goodies from macarons to jam filled tea sandwiches off of dessert plates passed down from Jeff’s grandparents.  They consumed so much sugar I was genuinely surprised they stayed seated as long as they did.  I can still hear their sugar induced little giggles!

Tea Party Birthday Table Reduced
They moved on to cake time, and her cake was exactly as I’d pictured it – simple and sweet and girly and pink. And the various size cupcakes with roses on top were equally enjoyed as part of the decor as well as a delicious treat.

Tea Party Birthday Cake
Such a sweet time she and her little friends had. And such a sweet moment to {re}collect!

Tea Party Birthday Hugs
Cheers you guys…pinkies out of course!


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