{Re}Collected Moments: A New Series

I recently endured a gut wrenching experience.  I lost every photo I had ever taken.  Every single photo I had ever taken.  Very long and emotional story short:  I have about 90% of them back. PRAYERS ANSWERED.  So in celebration, I am beginning a new series dedicated to some of those moments we have created as a family and a selection of those treasured photos that I now have back.  (And yeah….this is yet another way to save these photos in addition to two duplicated hard drives as well as Dropbox….I will never trust a single external hard drive again.)  I’m starting this new little series with H’s nursery.

Crib MomentThe inspiration for his space was a bright kelly green dresser I saw on Etsy, or maybe it was on Pinterest.  Or a blog.  Who can remember that far back???  Proof again, that with a fallible human memory, photos are a necessity.  ANYWHO.  I fell in love with the idea of an unexpected color used on such a big statement piece, and it was the starting point for what became his nursery.

H Nursery 1
I planned for bold colors, lots of texture, and patterns.  I wanted his nursery to feel collected, with nods to classic boy notions…cars, animals, trucks, adventure…while avoiding any real “theme”.

Nursery Details
I chose his dresser and accessories so they could grow with him from infancy to toddler to boyhood.  Most of them are still with him in his big boy room, like his Ikea Hemnes Dresser.

on the dresser
With such a bold color palette, I balanced the blue dresser with a neutral gray for the walls and bedding, and with our white crib, ivory nursery rocker, and ottoman.

Nursery Details 2
in the chair
As every parent knows, so so so many moments are collected in a nursery.  The hours spent online pouring over nursery photos for inspiration.  The hours researching and selecting each element of the space, and then putting it all together.  Each of those moments are personal.  They are filled with hope, love, {fear}, and prayers for the future.  Those moments collected in anticipation of a little one are as emotion filled as the memories made once that baby comes home!

I am so grateful to have back the photographs I took while creating and seeking those moments for our family, and to share more of them here.  Stay tuned for more from this series!

  • Judith says:

    I miss baby Ninja. Could he be any cuter?

  • Caryn says:

    You know he is still a little Ninja….

  • Lisa says:

    Found this nursery on Pinterest, it’s adorable! Do you happen to remember what wall color this is? Seriously, love this nursery 🙂

  • Caryn says:

    Oh thank you so much Lisa! I actually DO remember the color name, I used it in our dining room as well! Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. Are you planning on putting together a nursery with the same color?

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