Independence Day Deco

The Goons

The goons were all about getting decked out for The Fourth with me. If it were up to us, there would have been some very patriotic bunting hanging from every window, but we were fresh out of patriotic bunting. So we decided to keep things simple, and we plunked some very patriotic flags into the mulch.

Front Yard
Pillows + ‘Merican Flag in a Plant = Very Simple

Front Porch
Stars + Flags + Sea Shells + Pillows = Very Simple

Front Room
Baby’s Breath + Mason Jars + Burlap + American Flag
(Catching on here?  American Flag + Anything That Will Stand Still = Very Simple)
Kitchen Table
Patriotic Napkins + Printables + American Flag Pillow = Very Very Very Simple
(This one is the very very very simplest.  Because that pillow is there all the time, and napkins…well all I had to do is open the package.)
Family Room
I’m so glad the little people worked with me on these very simple projects. It’s all they have worked with me on this week.  😉 Fingers (and toes) crossed for another fun Fourth of July with those turkeys, full of smiles and happiness, no whining or fit pitching.  May the only fireworks that go off be the ones we’ll see over the ocean on Saturday!
Happy Independence Day to you and yours!

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