TWOty Fruity Birthday Party!

TWOty Fruity Party
1. Paper Lane Design Invitation  2. Pure Paper NY Fruit Garland  3. Polka Dot Balloons  4. Modern Lola Paper Plate  5. Modern Lola Paper Cup  6. Modern Lola Pineapple Napkin  7. Cake Inspiration via  8. Parkside Paper + Gift Fruit Straws  9. Pineapple Cup  10. EWMcCall Fruit Dress  11. Jelly Bean Kids Tablecloth  12. Fruit Shaped Cookies (similar)  13. Mini Melissa Furadinha Shoes  14. Fruit Inspired Mini Hats (DIY)  15. Pink Strawberry Pinata (DIY)

I know this little girl named Sara who is turning two at the end of June.  Her mother Teah is the first Myrtle Beach friend I ever made.  We met before we got married, before we were even engaged, before I even moved here.  She was my touchstone, my partner in crime in this town (besides Jeff).  We have done it all together, and her HUGE extended family has adopted Jeff, the kids and myself as their own.  Teah asked me to help her pull together some ideas and products for Sara’s….get this….TWOti Fruity birthday party.  Well, with that adorable idea and for my oldest and dearest MB girlfriend…of course I’m all in!

There are so many fun ideas to be inspired from with this theme! It is perfect for summer, it’s fresh and bright, and sweet just like Sara.  I’m freaking out over the Mini Melissa Furadinha shoes.  They smell like fruit yall, and if that weren’t enough to push me right over the edge, they wipe clean. I’m bummed that they only come in toddler sizes, or R would have them for sure!  There are tons of party products on the market for this idea, and even more adorable DIY projects.  It’s a real opportunity to get super creative.

And some stuff is even for the grown ups…thank you Jenn at Endlessly Inspired.
Don’t mind if I do…..


Happy party planning Teah!  I hope this gets your creative “juices” flowing….baaaahaaaaa.
Juices.  I crack myself up.

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