Summer Moments – Part One of……

my three
Our favorite beach spot is wide open….possibly the deepest portion of the sand in Myrtle Beach.  It’s residential, so there aren’t the crowds that are on other sections of the beach with hotels and condos.  There is a natural swash there, which allows for anywhere from a few inches of slow moving water up to knee deep flowing tide.  It’s like a safe little water slide/kiddie pool/fish pond.  Perfect.  Super family friendly, so the anxiety for this beach loving (yet terrified of the water when it comes to my children) mama is cut in half.  We spent our first day of the summer season with all four of us there this past weekend!

beach day
We all know the shift from pre-kid to post-kid outings, and the beach is no different.  I mean, for Jeff and I it used to be a towel, music, a comfy chair, and a cooler of cheap beer (we’re no strangers to Busch Light – no judgies), and we were set for the day.  Once R came along it was like I was packing for war.
Because I was.

beach babes
But as I packed up to go last weekend….it struck me how much stuff I didn’t have to pack.  It seems that no matter what we are doing these days, these goons are showing me just how much they are growing and changing and maturing.  They are so much more independent on the sand and unless they are being pulled up the swash by Daddy, they’re happy running and boarding and chasing the fish and crabs in the shallow water without us.
And the fact that my hands are free of sixteen beach bags is another clear indicator that my babies aren’t babies anymore!

We are looking forward to all that summer has to offer, starting with this weekend.  The pool opens, and we are spending the holiday enjoying sun, water,
and fun with friends who are like family.

Cheers to Memorial Day, and a huge THANK YOU to all those who have served and continue to
serve our community and our country!

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