Her Turn: Bean’s Big Girl Room Tour

Hers was the first room we tackled in our home when we moved in.  (Honestly, it was the ONLY room we tackled when we moved in, but more on that later.)  I was 33 weeks pregnant with her, and I was in full nesting mode.  Her nursery was coral, pinks, and peachy orange and has remained a combination of those tones while changing tremendously as she has grown.  And man, has she grown.  She loves that she has big girl furniture, and that it was our master bedroom furniture when we were first married.

Beans Bed
Tumbling Bean
dresser and window
The dollhouse was a recent addition from Santa and she spends hours there creating full on story lines for each of her dolls, and rearranges the furniture when they have parties to “allow for better flow”….which I find HILARIOUS.

Playhouse Pack
walls and detail


Night Stand
Our Bean is allllll girl, but is a chip right off the old block (her father’s).  Competitive, motivated, and driven, she is always in motion.  She is curious, full of questions, some of which I’m not ready to answer. She is good at most things she tries, and when she isn’t…..well, she’s learning to try anyway.  She’s big on being fair, and taking turns. (Which is why she was super happy to take pictures of her room after H’s room tour was posted.)  She has her own taste, and her own preferences.  When I add in the occasional new chachki, she has to place it at juuuuuust the right angle, or move it to another spot.  She has her own perspective, and we appreciate that, and encourage her to foster it.  As she grows up I’m sure this space will continue to grow and evolve just like our girl.  And I’m excited to help her….as much as she’ll let me.  😉

Bean and Bed


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