Beach Babes

beach baby (v):  a salty little sweetheart with sandy toes & a sunkissed nose

Kids Holding Hands
From January through to May. Keeping them busy, expending all the energy their little bodies seem to have endless amounts of.  And then……the days get longer, the clothes get lighter…..spring is here and summer is coming!  Right now it’s the sweet spot….warm enough to spend the afternoon on the sand, maybe dip our toes in the shallow pools that form before the break of the tide.  And the anticipation and excitement builds, just like it does every year.  It’s been like this for me since I was a child.  There is something incredibly special about the beach…the breeze, the sunshine, the salty air.  The white noise of the wind and the ocean, the wide open space.  It’s magical.  Something tells me that our kids “get it” too…..
Riley Girl in the water
Harrison Package 1

Harrison Breaks
Riley Bean
Harrison 3
Riley Smiles
In just a few short weeks preschool will be over, and we’ll be all beach-pool-repeat.  It will be our shortest summer on record, with this girl starting kindergarten in the middle of August. (But let’s not talk about that.) So come on summer, we are ready and waiting.  Bring.  It.  On.

  • Katie Cavanaugh says:

    Caryn, your blog is amazing, great job!! So glad you are doing this because I love your style and I have to say you did an incredible job on your kids rooms. We just bought a house and I feel like the kids bedroom wall colors are very similar to your kids and I immediately thought of the pictures you had posted of their rooms for inspiration! So I was happy to see you posted Harrison’s room info. Will you be sharing Riely’s room info? I hope so!

    Love, Katie

  • Caryn says:

    Thank you so so much Katie! I appreciate the love! I am fumbling through the blog world….and I am grateful for the encouragement! I am working on a post for Riley’s room now as well, so stay tuned! Let me know if you need any direction for their bedrooms, I can put together an inspiration board for you if you like! Thanks again for the support!

  • hatton says:

    These pictures are gorgeous! I am so excited for summer days at the beach & pool. It’s so much fun to live in a vacation town!

  • Rachel says:

    Which lens did you use for these photos? Amateur hour photog lesson should be your next blog!

  • Caryn says:

    I have that on my list of working topics! I use a Canon Rebel SL1 (recently purchased after I dropped my older Rebel xSi on the tennis court – my nightmare come true), and I switch between the 18-55mm lens the camera comes with and the 55-250mm lens I purchased a few years ago. The majority of the beach photos are with the longer lens so I can maintain detail and not be all up in their faces….plus it’s a little iffy to switch lenses in the sand….I do it, but try not to. One day I’ll suck it up and purchase the one lens that does both.

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