Practice Makes Perfect

Flower Trial Run
With any celebration, I really love to use fresh flowers. I am co-hosting a Baby Sprinkle in a few weeks for a dear friend who is expecting her second child. Kate is truly a girl’s girl, a loyal and trusted friend, and an amazing wife and mother to her son. We are so excited to celebrate Kate and Baby Claire, and to put on a little brunch sprinkled with shades of pink, white, and gold. These small containers have the perfect combination of colors and texture to really provide a unique look.
Gold & Pink Containers

I’m by no means a professional, but I do enjoy making a pretty arrangement, and I have learned a few tricks that save me money, time, and stress. For starters, it’s always nice to have some little helpers….

Little Helpers

Focus on the shape and the colors in the arrangement more than a specific flower. Availability of specific flowers changes, and you don’t need to purchase peonies for $12-$15 a stem, when ranunculus are a stunning substitute for only $3-$5 a stem.

Peony (Left) Ranunculus (Right)
{peonies via, ranunculus via}

I have relationships with two flower sources. One being a local florist, when I need something specific. The other is a grocery store. Yep. The floral department in one of our local grocery stores. I save a tremendous amount of money purchasing there (even more savings than Costco and wayyyyyy better selections). And whenever I can, I use the flowers that are about to be discounted because of store policy, but are still beautiful. I know what days they receive flower shipments, and try to go a few days after they come in to snag the discounts when it works for my timeline.  With this event we will be using roses in pale pinks, creamy whites, and pops of deeper pinks within the arrangements. But this is just for practice, so I purchased discounted roses in the colors available…and to be fair I bought them three days before I was able to work on them. So Kate when you read this, I’m not ruining your surprise. 😉

Discounted Price

Practice makes perfect. Do a trial run a week or two before your event. Save yourself the time of stressing about getting them just right on the day of your event, and save money by allowing you to purchase an accurate quantity instead of having a bucket of leftovers.

Flowers aren’t as fragile as you think. Get in there and open them up and you’ll use fewer stems to fill out a container. I have bruised a flower or two in my day using my fingers (and I still use them sometimes), but use a pencil to gently go in and pull the petals open. This works particularly well with roses.

Opening a flower

We are looking forward to celebrating such an amazing time with Kate as her family grows, and are so excited to share in such a special moment with her and her nearest and dearest.  Much love Kelley Family!

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